Dentists: Book A Call To See How Our 30 New Patients In 30 Days Or You Don't Pay! System Works

  • Only pay us if we deliver 30 new patients in 30 days

  • We attract and book all patients directly for you


👉 We will pay you $1000 if we don't deliver on this guarantee. So no matter what you win and make money!

*Genuine Limited Time Offer! We Only Have Space For 3 More Offices This Month*

30 Min Intro Call

Want Results Like This?

"This month I'm sitting at 115 new patients and $60,000"

- Mandi Zeilinski

"I've been working with The Busy Dentist for over 4 years and every day they are dropping multiple veneer and implant case consultations into my schedule."

- Dr Tony Dey

"This is not like all those other services you've been recruited and sold in the past. This works and its easy"

- Julie Davis

"30 patients in 30 days or you don't pay... plus we will pay you $1,000 if we don't achieve that" That's our guarantee to you!

Why Do We Have Such A Bold Offer?

It's Simple, Our System Works and Works Very Well...

Which means we can back it up and, in turn, completely eliminate your risk.

I know what you're probably thinking...

"This sounds like more marketing hype"

And we completely understand. Many of our clients have reported having bad experiences in the past, with marketing agencies promising a lot and delivering sub-par results.

The 3 Main Reasons Dentists Choose To Work With The Busy Dentist

  • Zero risk to try the system and see if it works for them.

  • Fast track to their goals. By plugging directly into systems and strategies that have been tested, honed and proven exclusively in the dental industry for over 6 years, dentists are able to avoid the pitfalls and frustrations that come with trying to figure things our on their own, or risking time and money working with unproven generalist marketing companies.

  • Immediate access to new general and high production patients (ortho, Invisalign, veneers, implants).

"I've done almost every program out there when it comes to marketing and I can say from experience that this is one of the very few that actually gets results."

- Dr Eric Kusher

"Most companies take 90 days to show results, this is completely different, you make money right away. Its been refreshing to see such integrity in the online marketing industry ."

- Ed Villa

"You said what you were going to do and you delivered, its very impressive, you don't get that very often."

- Dr Shawn Abrishamy

"From a standing start we have became one of the top three Invisalign providers in the country."

- Dr Steven Casci

"The most important thing is you have delivered on 100% of what you said you would - plenty of great patients!"

- Dr Sham Jamal

Book Your 30 Min Intro Call Now

If We Accept You As A Client We Guarantee 30 Patients Inside 30 Days Or You Don't Pay.

Here's How:

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